Big Day Out

Three men of varying sizes guide you on a day trip of comic characters and sketches. This is their Edinburgh story.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Don't Drink And Drive A Sketch Show (posted by Matt)

Last night saw us take to the stage of another late-night showcase – this time performing 15 minutes worth of material. A shambles is probably a bit strong but it wasn’t the best thing we’ve ever done. Having said that the compere’s opening banter centred on “biscuits, eh, biscuits? Custard creams, that’s a biscuit, American’s love the sound of Jammy Dodgers, eh?” so we came across pretty well. I may have had a thimble of cider before we went on and made the first mistake of the first sketch, throwing us all off completely. But the show must, and did, go on