Big Day Out

Three men of varying sizes guide you on a day trip of comic characters and sketches. This is their Edinburgh story.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

End Of The Show (posted by Matt)

Well that's it. I'm now back in sunny Somerset for a few days before returning to the day job next Monday, Lewis is back at the coal face of writing Dream Team tomorrow, and Will is preparing to find work before panto. The final show on Monday, for those of you interested in such things, was amazing. A sell-out, unusual for the last day, and a great crowd who had clearly taken advantage of the discounted booze. We played around a lot, trying to make each other laugh but not ruining the show, and the response was incredible. Although I'm sure we will blog from time to time again, thank you to everyone who has found time in their busy work/private lives to find out what we were doing. Stay tuned for news of a run in London town, but for now, thank you and goodnight...

Monday, August 29, 2005

One More Show: For The Kids (posted by Lewis)

I haven't been a regular blogger. In many ways, my forrays into the interweb world of media communication have could be described as lacklustre. Every time I blog it is a marker - a line in the sand. As these lines in the sands of time stretch out further and further along the beach of comedy, it becomes more and more apparent that this is all about to come to an end. The circus is leaving town. The show has gone on and on and on and on, but now we only have one show to go and we don't want to leave. Although judging by the amount of contrived, mixed and downright sentimental metaphors in this opening paragraph, it's probably a good thing that we are. In three hours time we perform our last show of Edingburgh 2005 in the PLeasance Courtyard. Show number 26. At four o'clock we'll make our way through the courtyard and down the corrugated stairs that lead to our hut. The Hut. I love the Hut. We'll say hello to Selena, Simon and Danny - the best venue staff in the whole festival (FACT), and the three of us will cram ourselves into "the cabin" - the small portabal cupboard that has been our winnebago for the past month. We'll all strip down to our pants - Will and Matt will put on extra pairs - and then we'll throw on our suits. Talk about how many tickets we've sold today, whether people were friendly during flyering and probably laugh at something that would only be funny to three boys who have lived inside each others' personal space twenty four hours a day for the last 30 days. Will then usually has a bit of wind. At 4.30pm we will hear the applause coming from inside the Hut, signalling that the show before us has ended. We carry our stuff into the backstage room and go into our own little routines of readiness. Have you got your balaclavas? Leaflets? Hour glass? Flip phone? Pick? Lollipop? Check. A big hug - a shout of "have a good one Ross" to our technician, Ross - and then Shaft. That's the theme from Shaft - not anything funny... But I've said too much and William has just made me a cup of tea.

Ultimate (posted by Matt)

Well that’s it. It’s amost all over. After 31 days, 25 shows, 10,000 flyers, 1,500 posters, more pints of cider than I dare tell my mother, more dinners out than Michael Winner, celebrity spotting, boozing, schmoozing and laughing, Big Day Out’s Edinburgh Festival is about to come to an end. More than 1,000 people have bought tickets to see our sketch show, we have sold out more times than not, received a total of 11 stars from reviewers and rubbed shoulders with comedians, writers and producers who have been unbelievably kind about our Edinburgh debut. But this is not the time for boasting; this is a time for rather more humble reflection, if I am capable of such things. It’s been a struggle, at times an expensive one, often a stressful one, but somehow Lewis, Will and I created a show that people wanted to come and see, to tell their friends about and in many cases get in touch with us. But to all the people who made the trip over the border and searched us out in our cosy little venue, thank you. To all the people who sent messages of support, thank you. And to all our friends, family and loved ones who have not seen enough of us, felt ignored in place of larking about with hats and dresses, listened to us talking endlessly about the intricacies of our inter-sketch politics, thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s been an amazing, emotional, funny, tiring, hungover, painful, unforgettable experience, but we have one more show to do before, I fear, it’s back to the real world.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Penultimate (posted by Matt)

Well that's it - that's the last time we will pack up after a show. After tomorrow's show (Monday) we'll be tossing most of the props in the bin and preparing to bury Will's plastic parrot in the garden when we get back. It's all a bit sad but some of our guests here at Big Day Out towers are cooking dinner tonight and we'll be painting Edinburgh town red later so expect incoherent blogging tomorrow. At the risk of sounding ever so slightly like a bummer, i am quite sad about the idea of not spending 24 hours a day within 3 feet of Will and Lewis. They are good boys. But enough of that sentimental nonsense.I'm off to turn the water heater off while Will's in the shower. Ahhh, great mates.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Star Spotting (posted by Matt)

What a time we are having as we reach the much-feared climax of this month of wine and song. In case heat are reading this we begin with celeb news. Golden Globe winning man of The Office and Extras Steven Merchant tried to get tickets to the show on Thursday - but another sell out left the giant of comedy out in the cold. While we're on the subject, the weather has turned decidedly unpleasant and i fear my shorts are now destined for the drawer for another year. Lewis and I attended a premiere of The Aristocrats. Mr Merchant was there again, along with Dara O'Briain, Jimmy Carr and Stewart Lee. Lewis was sat next to the legendary Barry Cryer, but I'm sure he'll blog on that himself. Yesterday, Friday, was a very weird show - the audience didn't clap at all until the very end of the show. But they seemed to enjoy it, and we've had an email from Richard and his girlfriend, who "stumbled into the show at the last minute and completely unaware of what to expect. Great stuff, you are all very funny and very talented! All the best in the future." Which is great feedback. Also thanks to music teacher Grace Burrl who said she enjoyed the show, in particular "music and harmonies" which though a great compliment, does make me wonder about the quality of music teaching in the Birmingham area. My mother is certainly not a fan of my singing voice. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch, and feel free to use the contact page to get in touch, compliment or criticise.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Perrier Nominations (posted by Matt)

Justin Edwards, the comedy collosus performing Jeremy Lion at the fringe for the third year, and director of our show, has been nominated for the Perrier Award. ( All three of us are delighted for him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Radio Ga-Ga (posted by Matt)

Just been confirmed to do Fred MacAulay's show on Radio Scotland on Friday morning from 9.30am. Listen in on or you can listen again after the event.