Big Day Out

Three men of varying sizes guide you on a day trip of comic characters and sketches. This is their Edinburgh story.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lambs To The Slaughter (posted by Matt)

Not bad going. This is the earliest I've been awake so far this week. 9.15am and already showered. Fascinating stuff these blogs... Anyway, big night tonight, after doing our show we're doing the Henman Song at a showcase night. Priorite a Gauche and Justin Edwards are also on the bill. Usually known as Spank the night is notorious for getting a bit out of hand, largely down to the fact it kicks off at midnight. If this show takes balls to do, I should be fine what with my collection of different sized tennis balls. Maybe I'm over-reacting. But as retail therapy I'm going to pop out for some new shorts later.