Big Day Out

Three men of varying sizes guide you on a day trip of comic characters and sketches. This is their Edinburgh story.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Last Post (posted by Lewis)

Back from popular Scandinavian retailer, full of meatballs, and with three stools (white) and one table (dark blue). Now we are sat waiting - though not on the stools unfotunately as we are shy of a phillips screwdriver and a spanner. Will has been trying to use his fingers - but the lad's hands are just too big for such a fiddly job. It all starts tomorrow. We all feel in limbo - waiting to go into battle. Just waiting for the whistle to blow. We've sharpened our bayonets, written the final letters / poems home, checked our boots for holes and all learnt "the last post" on the harmonica (much to the annoyance of the neighbours). Waiting.