Big Day Out

Three men of varying sizes guide you on a day trip of comic characters and sketches. This is their Edinburgh story.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dark Clouds Looming (posted by Matt)

There is a big dark black cloud hanging over the flat today. Literally. I think it means it will rain soon. Had a cracking show yesterday - a sell-out with a tougher audience than Monday who laughed quieter but then went mad for the Henman Song. The day’s highlight is a really nice email from Rosie Newcombe who said: "I'm only 14 but I found Big Day out amazing! Me and my mum were the ones laughing the most... And the guy next to us. If it became a TV show sketch like Chewin' the fat I think it'll do absolutely great! And I'm the kid, the best critics out here! - Keep making the world laugh" She is, as far as we know, a genuine fan and was a nice surprise to get that this morning. Particularly as this week we have had a few children in with their stony faced parents unimpressed by our 'adult content' so thanks to the Newcombe family.